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What do we do?

We're creating natural solutions for soil health, and those solutions have far-reaching implications in the fields of food, agriculture, and the preservation of wildlife. A truly healthy soil is biologically diverse, and the same can be said for a healthy world. It's our ambition in the Living Soils Lab to reinvigorate that biodiversity from the ground up.

What can a "Living Soil Compost Lab" do for my community?

It can provide answers to the health of your growing-systems. How can we do this?  By understanding the biology at a microscopic level.  With a trained microscope technician, one can assure that their biology is understood, so that appropriate measures can be taken to regenerate it if necessary.  These answers are provided by our trained consultants.


Compost, Extracts, and Compost Tea

We develop and create biologically dense and diverse Compost through a variety of methods and ingredients. As "decompiculturalists" are constantly working towards innovation in the field of decomposition, it is this process that supports the living ecosystem within a healthy soil. By combining the correct amounts of different types of decomposing matter, we create the ideal conditions under which beneficial biology can flourish and thrive, leading to high levels of immunity boosting fungi alive within our end product. This rich soil is the foundation we use to create benificial aerobic Extracts and aerobic Compost Teas for any growing system, which ultimately will rejuvinate the soil and support plant growth in the most natural way possible.   

Our Vision

"Compost Tea brewing is a product that is an alchemy of earth, water, and air into a life supporting tonic, and we acknowledge that there are many nuances to the art. Every day we expand our own experience in this craft, and it's a well-refined skill needed to brew tea of the highest quality"



~Zach Wright



Healthy Soil  -  Healthy Food  =  Healthy People.

Soil Assessment and Microscopy


A Qualitative Soil Analysis will address the microbiology in your soil's structure.  Using our understanding of the "Soil Foodweb" we can take a snapshot of your soil and see how your soils foodweb is functioning.  Through direct microscopy and a system of calculations, we are able to provide not only a profile of the soil's micro-ecosystem, but an approximation as to the biomass of Fungi to Bacteria(F:B) within your soil structure.  

High Quality Sifted Compost, Extract, & Teas


Our products are carefully hand-made in order to epitomize what is truly Compost. Compost by definition needs to be aerobic, otherwise we run the risk of not fully supporting your plants health. Our product is maintained and stored aerobically, without the use of any bags or materials that might cut off oxygen to the living organisms within.

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