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Meet Our Team:

Zach Wright,
Lab Director, Educator
Working in the Ag sector since 2013.  This section is a work in progress as I would like to eventually highlight ALL the wonderful mentors and people that have collaborated with along the way.  Internationally, from desert to rainforest, there's been a movement toward change in all levels of agriculture/landscape management.  This change requires conventional and unconventional wisdom.  A new approach? Maybe.  But collectively, we are working toward a more efficient system starting with a redevelopment of the bottom of it; "it" being the microorganisms that are the bottom of the food-chain.  If our awareness starts here, our approach can efficiently feed our plants to feed our soil, to feed our plants, to feed.  Closing the Loop. Regeneration.  
Please don't hesitate to contact us directly via your mobile phone.  Please join the conversation!
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