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Animals and Birds


Animals and birds are our fellow living beings above the soil! Animals and birds enrich soil ecology by carrying, ingesting, and processing the biota and mineral resources produced within and above the soil. 


Animals and birds consume worms, insects and plants that contain all of the beneficial soil nutrients moving around within the soil food web.


If not for the microbiology within the soil like fungi and bacteria, there would be no living plants or insects for the larger living organisms to feed on. If not for the service of animals and birds, plant and soil life would have difficulty spreading itself and creating the more intricate organisms through evolution. 


The place of animals and birds in the soil food web is truly illustrative of the sheer scale of ecological relationships. Everything above the soil is dependent on what's beneath, and vice versa. The whole world is a living organism, and every living thing is an organ exerting a special function to keep it living.

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