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Late night jot - next day, revealed! Random understandings...

The image is most likely an aggregate of humus bound together by what we call a "beneficial fungal strand". To the bottom left of the fungi is a Testate Amoeba, which is another "beneficial" organism of the protista kingdom. Both indicate aerobic conditions which most plants prefer. (Photo taken at 200Xtotal magnification by Z.Wright)

Is everything a result of life? Simply put, yes. Can we put life back? Also, simply put yes. Well then do we need to add any life? If we want to continue life on this planet, then we must.

All life's most ancient ancestor, is the bacterium and fungi that in fact, still exist on this planet. For almost 4.5 billion years it is estimated(!), bacteria and fungi have existed on this big blue rock in space we call Earth. The "Pale Blue Dot" as Carl Sagan referred to it as.

Okay okay okay

Where am I going with this?

It is critical that we recognize the intelligence of our ancient ancestors and invite those involved in all sectors of agriculture, to take further look into the soil foodweb. This is a comprehensive understanding of the life beneath our feet. The life that typically inhabits and dominates our planets differing ecosystems. With our organisms in check and in proper balance, any growing system can be nurtured toward success thanks to the help of our microbiological intelligence!

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