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We're back and running! With a quote of the day!

"If we want clean water, we have to get the biology back in our soils. If we want to grow and harvest crops, we have to build soil and fertility with time, not destroy it. The only way to reach these endpoints is to improve the life in the soil."

Words of our mentor and Chief Scientist, Dr. Elaine Ingham.

The time is now folks. Stop everything you are doing and examine your wastes. Do they all need to go in the garbage can or recycling bin? Are they paper-based? Would they break down if left outside? That biodegradable material is fertility. Give it to worms with the foods that you trim or do not end up eating and they alone will help turn it into fertility. Are they making fertilizer? No. But something that is so biologically-compatible that we can ultimately, support other life forms. Where are we going with this? It's so clear that to support life you need to support it with life. Hence, soil biology and the notion that we ourselves, can put it back.

Support your growing systems by supporting the life that they depends on.

You found the right place here at the Living Soil Compost Lab, for answers.

On that note, I will leave you with a WTF is that? Found in soil underneath an 65' Colorado Blue Spruce. See, it's time to find a microscope or someone that knows how to use one, and get acquainted with what's beneath your feet/plant's feet. Again, we can help with that!

Photo on 10-18-14 at 10.53 AM #2.jpg

Unidentified Object--400X (Photo by Z.Wright)

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