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The Living Soil Compost Lab is proud to introduce the newest member of our Compost family. Measuring about 7 feet wide and 4' tall this pile was built entirely with free materials! In fact, much of our "brown material" was the garbage that we amassed over the summer here at the lab.

Due to the fact that we define Composting, we are projecting this pile to be "finished" meaning ready to use, in less than 2 months. How do we do it so fast? For starters, fungi. Secondly, it's our deep understanding of decomposition that takes raw materials such as you see here, and transforms them into a life-supporting brownie(if you will) of organic matter and aerobic organisms.

Just to give you a rough estimate of the potential that this pile pocesses in rehabilitating the world's soil, this should provide enough biology for approximately 1670 acres of land(and this is a gross underestimate!).

For your own reference purposes, we are demonstrating Aerobic Thermal Composting.

Stay tuned for updates!


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