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This is what soil health looks like...

Here's to the organizing power of Nature! They say that the bacteria serve as "the bricks" and fungi serves as "the mortar" when it comes to aggregating organic matter aka SOIL.

Check out these shots of the same fungal hyphae at different magnifications!

Photo on 9-15-14 at 11.31 PM #2.jpg

Fungi: A prime example of the organizing power of fungus. This is clearly an actual soil micro-aggregate that is ready to acquire new organic material as well as mining and holding trace minerals via the fungus you see protruding from the humus aggregate. Color and diameter indicate a "beneficial" variety. 100 total magnification (photo by Z.Wright)

Photo on 9-15-14 at 11.31 PM.jpg

Fungi: A "beneficial" variety indicated by the hyphal diameter, septae, color, and "clean breaks" at the hyphal tips. Fungal hypha estimated at 2-2.5 micrometers in diameter. 400 total magnification (photo by Z.Wright)

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