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This particular photo is a significant amount of what we call "beneficial fungi" in one field of view at 200x total magnification. (photo by Z. Wright)

Want to find out how to identifiy what organisms are and are not "beneficial" within your soil? Want to learn how to not only identify but quantify that information so that we can further administer and monitor a biological plan of action toward the soil?

Well then,

We are happy to announce our next microscope training workshop! Saturday October 11th and Sunday the 12th will be solely devoted to soil sampling, preparing a soil sample, using a light microscope, organism identification and an introduction into using the spreadsheet, which will be available to all those that sign up for the training. The microscopes are provided however, if you have your own please bring it! And bring your soil/Compost - let's learn how to analyze it!

Each person taking the course will also receive an official Living Soil Compost Lab - Dr. Elaine Ingham approved - organism identification placemat ($25 value) to use with their microscope. For more information on that, please check out the products page.

Course fee will be $200 for the two days. To reserve your spot please contact us at Currently, there is a limit to 20 course participants. Please stay tuned for further updates and information!

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